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Illustrated commentary on the AKC BMD Breed Standard
BMD Hindquarters

The thighs are broad, strong and muscular. The stifles are moderately bent and taper smoothly into the hocks. The hocks are well let down and straight as viewed from the rear. At increased speeds the legs converge to the center line.

This dog is traveling too close; the rear assembly is narrow.

This is a correct gait. Notice the straight column of support from hip to foot.

This dog shows a cowhocked gait. Cowhocks limit drive from the rear.

This dog is toed out; notice the direction of the pads of the feet.

'Going away'
This dog shows good rear movement. There is adequate breadth across the top (hips) of the rear quarters.

← Good rear showing hocks straight.

← Narrow rear ~ dewclaws ~ Dewclaws should be removed.

← Barrel hocks

← Cowhocks

← Straight angulation ~ the rear leg should not appear straight when viewed from the side.

The feet are compact and turn neither in nor out.

The hips, stifles, hocks and feet are aligned in an efficient column of support to provide strength and drive. With speed the legs tend to converge towards the center line.