Illustrated commentary on the AKC BMD Breed Standard
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In order to preserve the distinguishing traits of the BMD, it is necessary to identify what they are.
Each Bernese Mountain Dog is completely unique; yet each bears similar traits to all others.

"Historical Photos"

The dogs pictured lived during the early and mid 20th century. Their blood lives on in the Bernese we appreciate today. more...
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"Bernese Mountain Dog Historical Art"

Artists' impressions of Berners from the past. Farms, mountains and the people who lived there is what the breed knew. more...
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"Labeled Dog Parts"

Terms used to identify BMD structure and anatomy. more...
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"BMD Proportions"

Correct BMD body proportion, correct (balanced) angulation of fore and rear quarters, correct length of tail. more...
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"BMD Forequarters"

Angulation is the foundation for muscle structure. Correct shoulder angulation allows for substantial muscle structure which lends strength and stability to forequarters. more...
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"BMD Hindquarters"

The hips, stifles, hocks and feet are aligned in an efficient column of support to provide strength and drive. more...
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"BMD Sidegait"

The natural working gait of the Bernese Mountain Dog, a slow trot. more...
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"BMD Structure Studies"

A dog's structure influences the kind of work he is capable of doing. It also may determine whether or not he will remain physically sound over the course of his life. more...
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"BMD Head type"

The manner in which the bones of the skull interact to form planes contributes to head type. more...
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"BMD Eyes"

Typical eye shape, eye color, variations and heritable eye conditions found in the breed. more...
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"BMD Ears and Earset"

The ears are medium sized, set high, triangular in shape, gently rounded at the tip, and hang close to the head when in repose. more...
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"BMD Teeth"

Bites are controlled by genetics, nutrition, environment, and by mechanical forces. more...
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"BMD Color and Markings"

It is not uncommon to see markings variations in Bernese. Correct markings and more...
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"BMD Facial Markings"

Facial markings in Bernese. Correct markings and more...
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"BMD Coat Type"

The breed was developed to work in the alpine meadows and snowy mountainous regions of Switzerland. The Bernese required a coat that would protect them from the cold and snow. more...
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The Bernese Mountain Dog Illustrated Commentary on the AKC Breed Standard is a resource designed to further the understanding of Bernese Mountain Dog breed characteristics. The Illustrated Commentary on the BMD Standard pages are available as both web pages and as PDF's. The PDF pages print out on 8 & 1/2 x 11 inch sheets.
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"Introduction" For an introduction to Bernese, see more...
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