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Illustrated commentary on the AKC BMD Breed Standard
BMD Sidegait

When in a trot, the dog's feet should meet underneath the dog (just barely touch). There should not be space between the feet when they meet under the dog nor should the front and rear feet cross (interfere).

The angles of the front and rear legs have the same slant which indicates balance of fore and rear angulation.

Notice the extension of the front leg. The leg reaches forward and the foot is in line with the nose.

Examples of sidegait


The natural working gait of the Bernese Mountain Dog is a slow trot. However in keeping with his draft and droving work, he is capable of speed and agility. There is good reach in front. Powerful drive from the rear is transmitted through a level back.

Notice the topline is flat. The feet are traveling close to the ground. There is no wasted action.