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Illustrated commentary on the AKC BMD Breed Standard
Bari vom Sommerhaus
Max vom Oberaargau
Julia vom Oberaargau
Blass Farner
Belline vom Schlachthof
Netti von Burgdorf
Rosi von der Milchstrasse

In the area surrounding the canton of Bern, Switzerland, dogs that came to be known as Bernese Mountain Dogs were required to be versatile companions. Farm families living in remote areas made good use of dogs large enough to be respected by strangers and reliable when working with livestock. Dogs served as watchdogs around farms, cattle drovers, draft dogs, and companions for the alpine herdsmen. A dog capable of serving his master well was strong, obedient, self-reliant, and fearless - never aggressive. The dogs pictured here lived during the early and mid 20th century. Their blood lives on in the Bernese we appreciate today.