Bernese Mountain Dogs - Breed Information & Education for Puppy Buyers, Owners and Breeders

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Can you get a Bernese Mountain Dog?
Answer - YES!

It's easy to find Bernese breeder websites, breed information websites and pictures of beautiful Bernese.

The search for a pup and a breeder can be as simple as clicking on a website, looking at a few dogs pictured and picking up the phone or emailing a breeder.

If the dogs' pictures look good, what could possibly be more important than that?

If the breeder has pup available, what more do you need to know?

Seems pretty simple and straight forward. You want one, the breeder has one. Buy the puppy.

But wait!

Just what are you buying? You think you are buying a puppy that will become a wonderful pet. Will you be that lucky?

Did the breeder seem to care about you? Did they ask you any questions about the things you wanted in a dog? Or did they quickly rush you into completeing the transaction?

Better breeders take a PERSONAL interest in knowing what the dog's life would be like,
and, in YOU as a person, as well as a future owner of one of their dogs.