Bernese Mountain Dogs - Breed Information & Education for Puppy Buyers, Owners and Breeders

For Bernese Mountain Dog puppy buyers & new owners

The decision has been made - a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy will be or has become part of your family! Now what?

Your puppy is counting on you to raise him.

The rest of the story is ready to be written.

Bernese puppy drink

To make your life with your dog easier and rewarding, keep your pup on the right track.

Make a plan for care, feeding and management.

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Buyer beware
♥ Baby Berner puppies ♥

Berner babies give the sweetest puppy breath kisses; they are very warm & fluffy and are real cuddle butts.

Bernese pups get big fast - in a year the baby fluff ball will become a powerful, large young adult dog.
Raise your Bernese puppy well; provide him with care and guidance to grow the puppy into his adult role...
a Bernese Mountain Dog that is capable of serving you as an exceptional companion.